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Backup Server offline

Hello Experts

i have a physical windows 2008 R2 server with Symantec backup exec 2010 R3,
and for the last week or so i have an issue that the server keeps failing on backups.

but the reason for failing is probably the server NIC,
i get notification that the server is going offline every night at 3 PM,
and when i get in the office at morning, i need to do a "disable" and 'enable"
to the NIC in order to get it to work again.

i tried the followings:
1. upgrade the NIC driver
2. disable the save power option in the NIC properties

NOTE: the server is also used as the Vmware Vcenter.
any idea why this happening ?
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Miguel Angel Perez Muñoz
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Try to remove completely NIC (from device manager) and reinstall again.
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Hi Drashiel

i tried that, still happening
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Its the Physical Hardware issue (.i .e NIC card gone bad ) if the Backup works fine on the Other NIC .
HI Experts

i have an update on the issue,
it seems to be a network dissconecting or something, and i know this becuase
last night i was connected via RDP to two server 1.the backup server (physical server)
2. sap server (virtual server)
and they both got dissconected at 00:15, the only thing that they have in common is that they are connected to the same subnet and switch.

do you think of something that could get them to disconnect ?