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Database Design and Development for sql server 2008

I am looking for general advice on a database design and creation project I have been tasked with.
I Have been tasked to create a database in sql server 2008 to track  “Deals”
A single  Deal comprises of Loans
A Loan comprises of Properties
A Property comprises of Tenants.
Currently everything is done using excel spreadsheets.
Each loan has its own spreadsheet and is updated quarterly with changes.
Recalculations are generally done using formulas within the spreadsheets.
The database will be used for primarily creating reports  against the Deals.
I have read quite a few tutorials online as how to approach this, and the consensus seems to be to normalise the data to 3NF.
I just want to run this by you experts as it is my first time doing this from "scratch" and any guidlines, super tutorials etc would be appreciated.
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Hi LMS Consulting,
thanks for your response,
A Loan can only be associated with one deal in my scenario so a one to many relationship is how I will proceed.
And thanks for the Links, yes there is so much info out there I'm hesitant to take a single path but from what you are saying I think I am on the right track as  intuitively i was veering to  those basic tables, Deal, Loan, Properties, Tenants.
I will look at these Links and take the plunge , at the end of the day  my colleagues need something reliable and practical to report against so that is my goal...
thanks again for the pointers :-)