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Outlook putting internat email to Junk Folder

Dear experts,

We are using Exchange 2010 and clients are using Office 2010. Occasionally internal emails have been placed to the junk folder. There is no regular pattern, and only happens once a while but it is frustrated as users don't normal check their junk folder, and of course users with email to mobile have problems too.

There is no change in the network we have our Exchange 2010 server running since August. The internal emails are NOT system/application generated it is purely sent from User1 to User2. Not all User1's email end up in junk folder though, hence making it difficult to pinpoint where problem is.

I tried to add sender to safe sender list but Outlook doesn't take internal sender. I have added domain in the safe domain.

Is there a way to switch off the Junk folder completely (on one or two persons ONLY!!)? I understand the risk of this but is this do-able?

Appreciate for your help.
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Thanks for your prompt reply. I think I have seen this one before but now applied and wait and see if that stops the spam filter completely.

I will award points anyway. :)
Sorry it didn't work the user reports another internal email go into his Junk box :(
Did you apply the registry fix ? If so was the machine restarted after it ?

- Rancy
Of course.
Did you download and update the registry and check its there ?

Check this once as well .... it has 2 further links to technet and MFCMapi tool download

- Rancy
I created the registry key myself so it is there!
Can't really see how MAPI editor helps in this. I don't particularly want to "Delete" the junk folder if this issue can be resolved.