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VPN Cant see LAN

I have a cisco 5520 that I am using for IPSEC VPN access for Client to site.  When using a VPN pool based from a range of 10 IPs from my standard LAN network of I can access everything when I connect to Cisco VPN Client.  When I created a new pool of IPS the client connects to the VPN but I cant ping anything and cant access any of the resources on my LAN.  I posted my config.  Please bare with me as I have never set up this type of VPN before (Juniper yes).  A few lines of code were me just trying out of desperation.
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On numerous videos that I have seen I noted that theyre just creating a pool but the pool isnt hosted anywhere.  Cant I just create a secondary IP address on the router my LAN is hosted on to achieve this goal?
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Thanks that helped a bunch.  I can access all the resources but I still can't ping.  I would like to ping just for troubleshooting purposes down the road but I can start puttting this into production.