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Finding GUID with BCDEdit

I need to find out how to use the for /f in conjunction with bcdedit to find out the guid.
I'm creating a bat file that can find the guid and then set the BCDEdit /bootsequence to the found GUID

It needs to look for the description as "Recovery" and then use the identifier as the guid.

so far i have:
for /F "tokens=2" %%A in ('bcdedit ^| find /I "description"' = "Recovery") do set MyGUID=%%A

echo %MyGUID%

bcdedit /bootsequence %MyGUID%

am I on the right track?
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for /F "tokens=2" %A in ('bcdedit /v ^| find /I "Recovery "') do set MyGUID=%%A

if you go to an elevated Command Prompt and type bcdedit /v you will see the standard output - you should be able to pick the right name for the GUID you need and ammend as necessary...
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works great! thank you so much!