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Is there a way to see which GPO's a particular user is getting?

I have a user saying that they are not receiving the warnings to reset their password, yet everyone else is. Is there is a way to verify that they are picking up the GPO like they are supposed to?
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If the user have access to a command prompt, try GPRESULT
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to be sure, you can use
gpresult / S nameofthesystemconcerned /USER username /SCOPE USER or COMPUTER /Z to have super verbose mode or /V to have verbose information


to complete my last post, you can download this free tool to manage gpupdate on your active directory domain
Remote Group Policy Update
Go to Group Policy Management from Administrative tools. Expand your domain. Click on Group policy you want to see to whom it os enforced to. In the read pane you will see Scope tab just before Detail tab. Below you will see all the Organisation units to whom this group policy is applied to. Check your user properties to see OU that this user belongs to.