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How to invoke a CL program from Hawkeye in iSeries?

Currently, we are using iSeries V6R1 with Hawkeye (pathfinder) Release 9.4. I would like to know how to call a CL program from Hawkeye?

Is it possible to set the CL program Globally so that when developers exit out from Hawkeye, the system should be able to trigger the CL program?

Appreciate help.

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Shalom Carmel
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I don't know this product, but afaik it is a green-screen native app.
There is a AS400 command to invoke hawkeye.
To run a CL on programmer exit, you should create your own version of the hawkeye command, place it in the library list before the original command, and do there whatever you want before/after hawkeye.

This trick does not help you if the programmer signs off or kills the session while inside hawkeye.

Luckily, the same trick can be applied to the native signoff command :)
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