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PowerShell datetime ADDdays function

Can anyone help please ...

I have the following code which is used to archive off weekly a file based on the template datestamp of the file in question - which is always the same.

The script works for later part of month and its dates but does not work for the earlier part of the month

it ran recently and threw following exception because its expects the front part of the date to be "5112012"
When in fact the date is with an extra 0 - 05112012

Copy-Item : Cannot find path 'C:\Powershell\WebReport\DiskSpaceReport_5112012.html' because it does not exist.

Can someone re-write this to work and not mind the 0?
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You have to use

$filename = "DiskSpaceReport_" + $pastdate.Day.tostring().padleft(2,"0") + $pastdate.Month + $pastdate.Year+".html"

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I agree the convert to string is better use of the string ... now that i realise that ..