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online calendar

the below script is found frm website, I would like make the calendar as a dropdown where day is frm 1 - 31 and month_year is from jan to dec of 2012-2020....
pls advise me how to modified the below script.
I would like to put it in the hotel booking website of my own. I created database in mysql, later on how am I going to link to the database with the above date to do the room availability checking. Pls advise

<form action="" id="reservation-form">
<div class="field"><label>Check In:</label><select class="select1"><option>30</option></select><select class="select2"><option>April 2009</option></select></div>
<div class="field"><label>Check Out:</label><select class="select1"><option>01</option></select><select class="select2"><option>May 2009</option></select></div>
<div class="field">Persons: &nbsp;<input type="text" value="1"/>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Rooms:&nbsp; <input type="text" value="1"/></div>
<div class="button"><span><span><a href="#" onclick="document.getElementById('reservation-form').submit()">Check Availability</a></span></span></div>
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