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Block emails originating from specific IP address using Exchange 2010

Hello All,

I am trying to setup a Hub Transport rule to block certain emails originating from a particular IP address. A client of ours had an employee who was terminated recently and is now sending many emails to all employees of the company, causing much distress...

I analyzed the message headers and verified her home IP address. (She keeps changing her email address randomly). I understand her home IP is likely a dynamic one provided by her ISP, but we need to set up something at least temporarily to block the IP she's using (she's not expected to leave her home to send emails).

Anywho... I'm trying to set up the conditions of the transport rule, but I'm not sure exactly how to tell exchange to block an IP via the message header. The specific condition I'm looking at is "when the message header contains specific words

I assume I could put her IP address in the specific words part, but what would I put for the message header part? Any ideas?
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Just leave the message header part the way it is. You wouldn't need to change that. I'm not sure, though, that method will block emails for you, but it is worth a shot, I suppose.
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I actually just managed to figure out a working filter. Essentially exactly what you've put there (minus the 'outside organization' part). But you are exactly right, I needed to put 'Received' where Message Header was.

Thanks for the response!