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OneNote 2010 sync error 1005 on Ipad OS6

When I try and sync my IPad (OS6) OneNote files I receive the error 1005.

The files sync OK with my laptop and desktop both using Office 2010. General research shows that error 1005 is due to a falcky internet connection.

My wireless connecting is solid running on the back of a 100mb leased line. Nothing else on our system has issues with the wireless. including an iPhone.

I have unistalled OneNote from the IPad but this did not help. I have also deleted the OneNotes files recently created, again to no avail.

Any suggestions welcome.
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Try a couple things

First, check the date/time settings. Make sure everything is correct.

Second, do a hard reboot by holding down the power and home buttons until you see the apple logo.

Any change?
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Hi thanks for the answer. All date times are identical set by a scrip run by the server and I have performed a hard reboot several times.
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I worked is out the solution myself.