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Accessing local LAN while connected to Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

We have been provided with a Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client to connect to a client's network to access a local application. When connected, we lose all connection to local LAN resources. The client will not enable Local LAN access on the client (due to their security), so how can I still enable local LAN access on our side (Windows 7 workstations) to allow our users to complete their work?
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Remove the route command  (default gateway client)

Add the route command

Client local area network
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Gajendra - can you please be more specific and provide the actual commands? Thanks.
Is the VPN server an ASA or router?
That's on client side, so not sure
You would need to set up split tunneling on the VPN server. But the configuration is different depending if it is an ASA or router.  Split tunneling (and any other form for local access) is dependent on that the local network and the network you connect to through the VPN are different.