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Toshiba T4800CT Windows 95 Floppy Install


This is basically just for fun, but someone donated a Toshiba T4800CT to us with a bad hard drive.  I installed a 2GB IDE drive in it, which I know is huge for it. :)

Anyways, in the view of nostolgic, I want to install Windows 95 on it.  This does not have capability of adding a CD drive, so I have to install Windows 95 VIA floppy.  I get the first 3 disks to go fine, then it will get to the point where I choose Typical, Portable, Compact, and Custom.

What will happen when I choose anything is it will come up with this message:

Cannot Read Disk
Setup cannot read the Windows 95 Setup Disk.  Make sure the disk is inserted in the drive and the drive door is closed.

I cannot get past this message!  Any idea how to fix this issue?
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Basically it is trying to locate a file off of the floppy disk.  I would try to get one of the floppy drive cleaning disks to see if it may be  a problem with the floppy drive not reading properly.

Or you may need to create a new copy of the windows 95 floppy disks. The data on the disks do not last forever, the media can detriorate after time.

Hey just wanted to make sure that you properly formatted the hard drive before you can install windows 95, you will need to boot to a dos prompt and fdisk and format the drive as fat32 file system and not a ntfs.
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It is formatted as FAT16, and set as active.  I actually copied all the data for the installation to C:\Windows\Options\Cabs per a suggestion on a website and running it from there with no luck.

It doesn't seem to matter what disk I put in.  I have chkdsk'd and formatted several floppy disks to no avail. :(  Do you know what file it is trying to locate?  Maybe I can recopy that one file.
It seems that you might have a bad cluster on your hard disk from that you said "It doesn't seem to matter what disk I put in.  I have chkdsk'd and formatted several floppy disks to no avail."

one possible solution is to partition your hard disk, this way you might "be able to pass the bad cluster" and install beyond it.

Play around with fdisk and make a partition say after the 100 MBytes, in other words make two partitions one with 100 Mbyes and one with the rest of the HD. make the second one active though.
I remember the old days when windows 95 came out, it was always a pain to try to reinstall it so I usually went to windows 98 that had fewer bugs. Even windows 3.1 was easier to install than windows 95.  I beleive you can use both fat16 and fat32 for windows 95. How many floppy disks are there to fully install windows 95. I would try reinserting the first disk or may be the next disk. but then it looks like you have already done this.
I also get the message when I first run setup.exe:

This version of Microsoft ScanDisk will work only with MS-DOS versions 5.0 and later.
Setup found a compressed volume or a disk-cache utility on your computer.  Quit Setup and check your compressed volume with your disk compression software or remove the disk-cache utility.  Then run Setup again.

I can continue after this message though.

I did format with my Windows 95 boot disk the hard drive, made the partition 500MB in size.  Then ran Scandisk, which found no issues.

I still get the same 'Setup cannot read the Windows 95 Setup disk issue.  What disk???
Ok then I may say that your issue is not hard disk related(still there is the possibility of getting the hard disk manufacturers' diagnostics program to check your disk.

Before we go nuts here, do you have access to another set of win95 media , either disks or CDROM?
Well, I'm sure I could 'find' another set if need be.  I have the dang CD, but there is no way to take the CD and use it on this laptop.
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I do realize the old computers you are not able to boot to a cd, you therefore required a boot disk, which will load the drivers for the cd and then boot to a dos prompt. Once you get to the dos prompt change the drive letter to D, which is most lokely  the drive letter of the cd drive. Then you will run the setup application off the cd disc.
Copied files from Windows 95 CD to hard drive and installed that way.  Thank you for your help!
Hey this was fun, as you opened your question. Man I haven't had a win95 question in quite some time. I guess my MCP in windows 95 is still useful after almost a decade and a half :).

you are welcome.