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Is it possible to view 5 peoples calendar in one calendar in Outlook 2010?

My boss wants to have just one Shared Calendar showing everyone's availability.

It this possible with Outlook 2010.

Also we have hosted Exchange 2010
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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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SO your saying a calendar that will kind of sync with all calendars and show update ?

If your speaking on normal grounds no way ... if you plan to use some 3rd party ... but i guess that to is for 2 calendars and not many.

- Rancy
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Only reason I bring it up. Gmail does this and its a little neater and easier.

So basically I can see all my friends in on Calendar
Yes, this is a feature in Outlook 2010 and Even Outlook 2007. It is called Group Calendar. As a matter of fact you can view up to 5 in Outlook Web Access, but in the full client it is unlimited.

At 5 it changes the orientation from going across the top to going down along the side.
Ah, Group calendar is good, but bossman said he "wants them grouped like Gmail does"

It looks like Outlook/Exchange doesn't do this.

See the screenshot of my gmail...each color is a different person.

This will probably come out with Exchange 2013
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What your saying is more of a Color categorization available with Outlook 2010 as well.

- Rancy
@Rancy, also in one calendar too.  You have to look at 3 Calendars and compare with Exchange.
But the user gets used to that. I don't like the color coding of Gmail.

Have them try out Outlook. High percentage chance they will find it fits there need.
Look you wont get every feature with all servers ... there is too many a thing that Gmail cant provide you and as said by Joseph ..... its more of the stuff you use you like and get used to.

- Rancy
Believe me when I say, I know how some bosses can be. I was told that the client would NEVER accept changing from the Group Calendar solution. But its been about 10 months and not one peep.

It works and is solid. Low care and feeding. And is FREE!!!! And users can setup their own Groups.
Believe me when I say, I know how some bosses can be - Joseph hope your boss doesnt see this :)

- Rancy
They are lawyers, so they are argumentative, but also pragmatic and move on. Well, most times. :-)