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Migrate user settings from Server 2003 to 2008

I'm looking for the easiest way to migrate user settings (Internet history and Outlook settings) from Server 2003 to Server 2008. These are terminal server users, so I don't need any other account info.

Someone recommended Robocopy, but I'm wondering if the settings would be placed in the correct folders?

Any help is appreciated.
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Syed Mutahir Ali
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robocopy will create the exact folder structure at your destination server.

robocopy <source> <destination> /MIR /R:1 /W:1 /SEC /TEE /np

In the above command :

MIR = Will create a mirror on the destination (Nothing changes on Source - only on destination)

R:1 : Number of retries is set to only 1 (by default it is quiet a lot)
W:1 : Wait for 1 second between retries

SEC = Security, this will take the exact NTFS permissions to the destination as well

hope this helps

This might help :

check the 2nd last post
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I was afraid of having the exact folder structure since files moved to different folders in 2008.

Is it possible in Robocopy to use %username% wildcard to move items, such as:

robocopy \\server\docs & settings\%username%\favorites  \\new_server\users\%username%\favorites
robocopy \\server\docs & settings\%username%\favorites  \\new_server\users\%username%\

Your syntax is right with one exception, favorites folder will be created by robocopy at the destination (in your case \\new_server\users\%username%\

Now for wildcard - you would have to get a script together with robocopy.

You can always test your robocopy command first on a test destination to make sure.

Also do read the 2nd last post of the technet forum link I had pasted in my first post - that should give you pointers and help.

How many users you have to migrate ?
I would create one user on the destination server and see where the files should go, and proceed with other users with ,
I followed the second to last post in the link you sent...thank you for that.

I have some of the 85 users moved over, but found their Outlook profiles didn't follow. I figured they were stored in their AppData folder.

Is there an easy way to migrate these 85 users Outlook profiles over?

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