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How can I give Exchange 2010 users the right to all of the details of conference room meetings?

How can I give Exchange 2010 users the right to all of the details of conference room meetings through the Outlook 2010 calendar?

These users have added several conference rooms to their Calendar view.

The problem is that currently they can only view what hours the conference rooms have already been booked and they are unable to view any of the details.

I need to make it so that all domain and email users will be able to view all of the details of each conference room's meetings.

How can I do this through the Exchange management console?

I have already tried to do this while I have connected to the Exchange 2010 server using Outlook 2010 using the domain administrator's account, but I have been told that I don't have the rights to do this.

Furthermore, I am unable to logon to Outlook 2010 using the room mailbox accounts since these are room mailbox accounts which are disabled in Active Directory.

I would like to give everyone the rights to do this without having to send them an email letting them know that they have this right and telling them they have to double click on an attachment to be given this right.

How can this be done?

Please provide me with the exact steps.
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Can someone please help me type out this Exchange Management Shell command correctly?

I want to give all domain users (everyone in the RWG domain has an Exchange 2010 mailbox) the Author right to the "Big_Conference_Room_Parrott" conference room.

How can I do this?

I ran the following command and then receive the ">>" Prompt (see the screenshot). Please let me know if any further info is needed.

get-mailbox Big_Conference_Room_Parrott|foreach{Author $_":\calendar" -user rwg\domain users -accessrights Author