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Exchange 2010 stops sending and receiving randomly - until restart of server

It seems that our exchange server randomly stops sending and receiving emails. I have checked event logs and found the events below (listed as they happened from top to bottom). I am not very versed with Exchange 2010 and need desperate help. This has happened a few times within the last month.  

One thing I noticed, not sure if it helps but when opening the queue I see that there are many various domains including ours when working. When the emails stop, most all domains disappear including ours? Restarted the transport service to no avail.

Event ID 15004
Event ID 15006
Event ID 1009
Event ID 118
Event ID 1022
Event ID 1016
Event ID 4999

- Exch 2010
- Windows 2008 R2 64bit
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I have seen this article referenced from someone who had similar problems as mine. Difference is we cannot send or receive. Also, we have 96GB on C drive and over a 1.2TB on the store database drive. Should I still try the methods introduced in the article?
Disable the checks and see if mailflow returns, then work out why.
The emails are working now - but only after a reboot. I quickly tried to restart services such as the transport service and got nervous so I restarted since I know this worked last time.
It may only be temporary.

You have the classic Backpressure 15006 / 15007 Event ID's so the reboot may clear out some space, but not for long.

What are the total sizes / free space on your disks on your Exch 2010 server?
I have 95GB on my C and 1.2TB on E which my database is on.
Okay - but what are the actual sizes of the drives vs the free space.  It is all down to percentages, not just the amount of free space.

The following items are monitored:

Free space on the hard disk drive that stores the message queue database.
Free space on the hard disk drive that stores the message queue database transaction logs.
The number of uncommitted message queue database transactions that exist in memory.
The memory that is used by the EdgeTransport.exe process.
The memory that is used by all processes.

Oh sorry, misunderstood.

C: 136GB Total 96GB free
E: 1.81TB Total 1.43 free ( I deleted some files to go from 1.2 to 1.43)  DB location

I just increased the Database size limit, not sure if that was the right move? It did not have a DWORD key value so I created it and placed it at 800 (hopefully that is GB's)
Okay - so disk space probably isn't the issue then as you have a high percentage of free space left from your original size, but that leaves memory utilization, uncommitted messages in the queue etc.

Can you please check you are not an open relay on and that you are not blacklisted on and/or


Alan does not work?
Not blacklisted, I'm sure its local issue rather than a public issue.
Oh - it used to!

Please try this one instead:

What Service Pack / Rollup do you have installed for Exchange?

Is Windows also up-to-date with Service Packs / updates?
Port 25 is Closed at (Public IP address)
Test aborted.

When I run: Get-ExchangeServer | fl name,edition,admindisplayversion

I get: Ver. 14.0 Build 639.21
Yes, Windows is up to date with service packs and updates.

By the way, thank you for your prompt responses. After 5pm est I have to leave for family matters so I won't be able to answer your questions with this till tomorrow. Hopefully the server will be running till then.
Okay - you have the RTM version, so no rollups / service packs.

Please get busy downloading and updating to Service Pack 2 Rollup 4 V2 as you have plenty missing.

No problems re you going at 5:00pm - I'm not usually far away unless I am asleep.

Just waiting for Texas to get in touch for a problem (half an hour late)!!
Thanks for the reply. I downloaded the SP2, but now just waiting on the weekend to roll it in I suppose. Concerned a load of problems will come my way once installed.

Still not understanding why my emails just stopped all of sudden, but maybe it was because of the size of the database since I read it defaults to 50GB and ours is around 90GB. If so, why would it randomly stop every couple of weeks in between?
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Thanks Alan, will keep you posted, and have my fingers crossed. Thinking I can get it done this weekend, if not next. Sorry, I will award you points either way.
Oh sorry, I only graded it lower not because of the effort or the solution but because I do not know if the answer that was supplied was correct. I tried many things, as well as some of my own ideas.

But I do think he deserves the grade because of his efforts in helping me. I have worked with Alan before I know he deserves an A for every time he helps. Let me know what I can do to change the grade.
Hi Techneut,

There is never any pressure to close a question until you are 100% happy with the solution.  If you haven't tried and tested a potential solution, then wait to close the question down until you know for sure one way or another.  If it doesn't work, then you can post accordingly and wait for other ideas.

If you close a question and the solution isn't a solution, then you can get the question re-opened, post in the same question and hope the Expert(s) comes back to help you, or you can open a new question, but I would suggest that you wait for a tested solution before closing it down.

Also - points shouldn't be awarded for effort, so if I didn't nail the problem for you, then please don't award me any points.  There is no pressure (or shouldn't be) from an Expert to close and award points for a question and if you are ever hassled for closure, click on the RA button to ask the Mods to step in.

All I care about is that you have a working solution and / or your problem is resolved to your satisfaction.  If I helped - great, if I didn't then maybe next time you have a problem I can help you then.

I suggest the question is re-opened for now and then you wait until the updates have been installed and then wait a week or so to see if the problem has gone.  If after that time there are no issues, then by all means close it down as you see fit.

Sound like a plan?

Best wishes

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I believe that enlarging the database in the registry and combination of the answers above have given the solution to my problem.