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Folder Redirection Event ID: 1058

Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows XP Pro

I have a user running Windows XP.  I setup Folder Redirection within Group Policy.

The folders are not redirecting, and I am getting Event ID: 1058

I have not had any issues setting this up for my Windows 7 clients.  And I also have one client with Windows XP that is working.  

I have checked the Shared permissions on the users folder where the redirection occurs and ensured that the user has Read/Write enabled.

I have checked the effective permissions on the users folder where the redirection occurs and granted "Full control" for this user.

I do not believe that this issue is related to the users redirect folder.  I do however believe based on this Event ID that the user does not have appropriate permissions (for whatever reason) to the GUID found in the SYSVOL folder.  When I browsed to this folder on the users machine I get Accessed Denied.  I do not want to monkey with permissions on this folder without DETAILED advice from an expert.

Thanks in advance Experts for your help.
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If it is only one user and other users can sign in to the same machine with no redirection issues, I suggest deleting the problematic user profile.  Make sure, however, to backup the documents, desktop, favorites etc.
Check first that the user can access the folder that they are being redirected to and make sure they can open files in there and save files to there, read/write.
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getzid, Deleting the user profile isn't going to correct this problem.

Panthertech, as I mentioned in my original post I checked the user redirected folders and the permissions are fine.  

Thank you booth for your posts.
Have you confirmed that another user, with a known working redirect, experiences an error on redirect on this computer?
Yes you did mention that you checked the permissions, but you did not mention if the user could access the shared folder manually.
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I solved the problem by recreating the GPO