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dell t110 system inlet temperature is less than the lower warning threshold

Further to my previous question on this dell poweredge t110.
I eventually received a reply from Dell with regard to the server halting or restarting itself. I have upgraded the bios from 1.34 to 1.92 and the firmware from 1.50 to 1.92 which are presumably the latest, at their request.
Dset has been installed and run. I sent the dset report to Dell tech support with no response yet.
Last week I found three low voltage messages "CPU 1 MEM PG voltage is outside of range" - each one recorded in the ESM log corresponded to the server restarting itself.
I note that DSET still records "CPU 1 0.75 VTT PG voltage is outside of range" but it has not restarted for a week.

On Oct 29 at 01.13 it recorded  "system inlet temperature is less than the lower warning threshold" followed at 04:14 by "system inlet temperature is within range"
The same again on Nov 5 between 00.02 and 01.02, and between 03.03 and 03.44

At 23.38 on Sunday 11th it did it again, back in range at 00.21 this morning
The server was still running when staff arrived at 07.30 and samba shares were accessible, but shortly after the samba shares became inaccessible and the linux logs stopped at 08.03. It was necessary to power off using the front power button and on again. Since then it's been working OK

Last night was frosty and the office is not heated overnight. However, the server was running continually, so I would have thought it would warm itself!
Dell are not responding to my questions, so can someone tell me the significance of the messages and what I can do about it?
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>the server was running continually, so I would have thought it would warm itself!

How is it going to warm the *inlet* temperature? That is the air going into the front of it, even if it had a 3KW heater inside it that wouldn't affect the inlet temperature except via the outlet air generally warming the office. If you put a cardboard box over it that would make more outlet air recycle into the inlet although it could lead to it overheating which is why in datacentres we have barriers to stop air from the back of the racks entering the front of other ones. Or you could put a fan heater in front of it on low, then if office gets hot fan heater will turn off assuming it has a thermostat.

Are the voltage out of range errors at the same time as the coldest weekend nights? If not then probably not related. It's really the disks that get upset with the cold as frost inside a hard disk will kill it since it's mechanical.
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That might cure the "CPU voltage is outside of range" message and the crashing but it isn't going to stop the inlet temp too cold messages. Frosty disks are dead disks.
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disk is fine, but I'm using dd to copy contents to a new one anyway.
Problem resolved by replacing server