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Event Task

Simply trying to attach a task to several Event ID's in the system Log on a Server 2008.

The Wizard seems very straight forward:-

Attach a aTask to this event...
Create a Basic Task...
Choose Action to perform as Send an e-mail...
Fill in the e-mail screen fields...

Doesn't seem to be sending though.
Schedules tasks is showing that the tast has been completed as expected.

What simple thing is stumping me?

No Exchange present on network, just sending via external SMTP server.


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Appears that this is a widely discussed issue, but am yet to find a solution.

The external SMTP server is a Non-Windows SMTP server, IE ISP's SMTP Server.

Is anyone aware of how to configure the email task in this situation. does not require authentication when connection from an address within their IP pool.


Seems to be a simple task with no simple solution.


Note:- Scheduled task returns Error 0x80040211 when it attempts to run upon an Event being generated.
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have you enabled smtp in the IIS config? add/remove windows components?
@ve3ofa, have noticed several comments re this, but would require a bit more info.

As mentioned the SMTP server they use is external.

How is the internal SMTP component configured to relay to the external ISP's SMTP server, noting that it does not require authentication.
You need a local smtp server to send the data to the's server.
Looking for simple recommendation.

Requirement is basicaly just to send notifications from the event log.
You still need to install the smtp service.
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Desired explaination not obtained.