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how to use rsync to backup linux files

I got a hard task to update a backup script. when I was reading the script, I have several places can't understand.

1. what is date function for on line 41.
2. /usr/bin/rsync -arv --files-from=/scripts/backuplist / $bkdisk/backup$d8t
Is this command the line to run the backup job to harddisk.
3. what is the date functiona after the above command for.
4. what do the numbers mean?
sleep 20
rm -rf $(find $bkdisk/ -maxdepth 1 -mtime $delDays|grep backup)
rm -rf $(find /u1/backup/DACS/ -mtime +2|sed '1 d')

I am new to linux scripting, thank you for any comments.
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1.  It's a timestamp so when you look at the log, you know what time it runs

2.  Yes

3.  See 1

4 .  sleeps for 20 seconds

the rm/find commands are deleting old backups.
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thanks for reply, then what do the numbers in the following lines mean?
$1 - $4.

echo -e "To: $1
From: $host
Subject: $2
$3 " | /usr/sbin/sendmail $4
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