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Windows 7 Outlook 2010 with pop account stuck at receiving processing

I have a computer that apparently had some Windows updates installed and then restarted over the weekend.  In turn the Outlook 2010 client now is stuck at trying to receive email.  It can send fine but is unable to receive.  It is completely stuck.  There are no error messages other than after it hits the time out window which says it timed out.

I've done a system restore to two days ago before the updates were installed, nothing.

I've started Outlook with outlook.exe /safe and am still unable to get anything received.

Disabled any antivirus software and still no change.

The main pop account works in other computers so I know that it is working and not something weird with the actual account itself.

Have not tried uninstalling as I am remote so I don't have physical access to the computer or disks.


Tried re-adding the account and creating a new PST file to test if it would help, no go, still stuck at receiving mails.  Tried disabling firewall, no go still stuck at receiving.  Is there some type of log I might be able to check to see what's going on?
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Enabled verbose logging and this is what I'm seeing:

2012.11.12 17:14:49 POP3 ( <rx> +OK Marked to be deleted.
2012.11.12 17:14:49 POP3 ( [tx] DELE 812

Basically this was a pop account but for some strange odd reason the hosting provider kept roughly 4 years of email on the server and never did get rid of it.  So everytime you add the account back it tries to redownload all 4+years of emails.  Does it look like it's going to be a while?  Should I just let it sit overnight?  I'm going to start moving the mail via the webmail client out of the main inbox and over to a sub folder so that it doesn't think it has 4+years worth of email to download.

Going to do that now, it's a clusterf.