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Error trying to open a previous version of a project

Hi. I tried to open a project that I created in Visual Studio 2008 and get the error
below. I am runing Visual Studio 2010 and seem to remember being able to do this
previously. An upgrade wizard popped up.
How do I open this?
I need to recreate on of the forms...

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Éric Moreau
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>>I am runing Visual Studio 2010

You are not running VS2010 for sure. The logo of VS2010 which we can see top-left is blue (an not orange-ish) like the one you are showing.
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I am definitely running 2010. Not sure why that came up
Error means that you probably did not install VB.NET as part of your VS installation.
the logo at the top of your screen shot is definitely not VS2010.
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Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)
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there is no menu on the upgrade wizard so I really doubt the logo is from the wizard
It's not Visual Studio either, because this is not a Visual Studio menu.


What is running in the background in your screenshot?
could it be BIDS? the tool install by older version of SQL server
Thanks for the help