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SSIS - Data Upload via excel 2003

I have an application that downloads data to excel 2003. Next want to run a SSIS package to load the data into a SQL 2008 Server Database. However because it is excel 2003 (and the applciation that downloads can ONLY download to excel 2003) there is a 65,000 row limitation. Some of my downloads are 500,000 rows and when that happens excel 2003 appropriately adds X amount of worksheets in the excel file. So in this case I would have 7 workshteets each with 65000 (+-) rows and a final worksheet with 45,000 (+-) rows that would total 500,000. My problem is that the first worksheet is good as it has the column headers to map to my table, but all subsequent worksheets have no headers (and this makes sense because the download is "one download" so one set of column headers. It is not 8 downloads all with column headers).

Now the problem: how can I develop a SSIS package that WILL connect to each worksheet, because with no column headers I can NOT utilize the data tasks (or at least I do not know how, as each worksheet would need to be Mapped). I want to ETL all the data into a single table in the database and thought I could append, append, append...???, but again in my SSIS package in the Data flow what task would be used when they require a mapping which is based on column headers?
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