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exchange IPV6 issue

I build new exchange server 2010RTM with R2  and Added DAG. Users are receving mails with IPV6 address. Mails are not reaching of external users. i removed ipv6 from network card and added registery entry  as per this but still problem exists.
if i give ipconfig/all  getting ipv6 prefered address for virtual adapter and ipv6 dns entries.
help me..
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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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Exchange 2010 RTM is old - any reason you didn't build fresh with Exchange 2010 SP2, plus the latest rollup? I would suggest you start by updating the server.

Removing IPv6 from the server is not something that Microsoft recommend and I would suggest that you undo that change.

What happens when you try to send email? Do you get NDRs? Are you sending email directly, or via a smart host? If directly, do you have a static IP address with the correct PTR? This may not be an issue with Exchange at all - nothing in your question indicates that and I am puzzled why you thought disabling IPv6 would resolve the issue.

what do you mean that users receive emails with IPv6
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When we are sending mail for some clients not got delivered, i got dealy message. no smart host. Now  i have added PTR for the record. We have main setup on RTM can't upgrade it immediately.
is adding PTR will slove the issue
You don't set the PTR, your ISP does.

okay then why my outgoing mails showing ipve address for server rather than ipv4. If i want ipv4 only then what  should i do
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busbar, then how should i start the troubleshooting
Try answering the questions I posted in my first response. Email delivery is usually pretty easy to troubleshoot if you have the relevant information to hand.