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Windows 7 to Windows 8 Upgrade

Hi People,

Have a dell Core I5 Inspiron 15R. Was working perfectly with Windows 7, did the windows 8 upgrade via online download with coa etc, upgraded no problems but everytime windows 8 boots as soon as i try to run anything the machine reports a problem BSOD and then decides to reboot error System thread exception not handled. Now we don't have the F8 function with Windows 8 so i can't startup in safemode, is there another way i can do this to restore my system back to Windows 7 or fix this issue with Windows 8.

Many Thanks.
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Joseph Moody
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Shift F8 will start you in safe mode
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Tried that, still boots normally not in safemode.
It would appear one or more drivers on your machine needs to be upgraded. If you downloaded the DELL Windows 8 Video Driver (or latest Windows 7 Video Driver) onto a USB key, can you run the Driver upgrade manually?  If so, look for other Windows 8 Drivers from DELL and install those.

The upgrade should have left you with a windows.old folder. See this article about restoring from a windows.old folder. It looks to be a very messy process.

If there is no stable way to run the machine now, you may have to backup your data and re-install Windows 7 fresh.

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Dell usually includes a recovery partition from which you can do a factory restore. Normally the process is started via a key combination at bootup, on Dells that usually is ctrl+F11 at bootup, while you see the blue Dell on the display, but check your manual for more information.

Before downgrading to Windows 8 you should run the "Upgrade assistant" (I know, it should really be named "Downgrade Assistant"), which should tell you whether your PC will run with that OS, what software won't run, and whether you need drivers...
yep, as soon as i click on anything BSOD, can't boot in safemode, load any drivers. So looks like it will be data backup and fresh reload. Thanks Microsoft.
What type of BSOD it is? Do you see the exception number?
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fixed it myself. thanks