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INSERT query inserting Resource id #5 in MySQL table

I am trying to insert a value from a variable to a mySQL table, but instead of the value, it is inserting Resource id #5. I can`t find the problem.

$query = "SELECT categorias.desc from categorias where = '".$_SESSION['clasificacion']."'";
$cat_descrip = mysql_query($query);

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$query2 = "INSERT INTO `profile_test` (clasificacion) VALUES ('$cat_descrip')";

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profile_test.clasificacion is getting "Resource id #5"
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Thanks. That did it :)
Thanks for point!

Just a note:
mysql_query "For SELECT, SHOW, DESCRIBE, EXPLAIN and other statements returning resultset, mysql_query() returns a resource on success, or FALSE on error." (see Php manual:
So you have to 'convert' this resource in radable and usable data using 'fetch' functions:

mysql_fetch_array (

Keep in mind that the use of all these functions is discouraged: you should move on to mysqli od PDO.