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How to change Company name in SBS 2011?

more than one year ago I've setup SBS 2011 solution for "CompanyExample1" with public domain and domain comapnyexample1.local and access to remote work place by address

Now they changed their name to "NewCompanyExample2" and have public domain I've added another domain to Exchange but they want to access and they want that on this page should be displayed "NewCompanyExample2" insted of "CompanyExample1".

I bet that after that they would like to change local domain name as well but I hope I could talk them out of this.

Please give me detailed information what I can do and what I cannot do or what is risky.
Please be as detailed as possible.

Best regards
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Ok this was easy , great thanks.

Now I need to be able to get to remote worklplace by both public domains
so users can use: -> ->

Do you know how to add this and don't mess up exchange configuration which is working fine.

Best Regards

Read the above ; especially the technet forum post, its quiet similar to what you are trying to do.

Basically you want two names to resolve to ONE IP address, is your auto-discover configured on exchange ?

how does your users get to owa now ?

You may have to create a new site in IIS and do the redirection thing as per the technet post.

Also, what is your SSL certificate ? Self signed or public ? what are the names on it ?

You might have to put your new domain on that too.
I have one IP address I have one SSL cert for
I can buy another one for

I have autodiscover configured.

If I just use the HTTP redirect users will see in address bar

So as I understad I need another SSL cert and then use Internet address wizard to reconfigure public domain but what will happen to Exchange configuration if I use wizard?

After this reconfiguration I can create HTTP redirection from old domain to new one.

Best Regards