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HP Desktop Windows 8, Recovery to factory settings

A couple of days ago i bought an HP desktop pc(HP ENVY h8-1485ea).

Which has windows 8 pre installed by HP.

It is i7, 16gb ram and has 2 hdd. One which is a western digital 3TB and the second one was a scan disk 16 gb drive and labelled as recovery.

So i wanted to partition the big 3TB DRIVE. To 200gb for the c: drive and the rest for my storage.
I used easus to partition the drives, "i used an older version which supports windows 7, and didn't download the one which supports windows 8", cos honestly I thought that it would work properly in win 8 and was not aware that window 8 has a different boot system.

The easus partition manager is a partition manager, that I have to configure from windows and setup my desired size of requirement, and the software would reboot and start partitioning before entering windows by showing the progress. And I have done this many times for windows xp and 7, but never for win 8.

So the easus software was progressing until 10% by rebooting and partitioning, and suddenly I received a blue screen with a sad face icon :( and below was text saying that there was an error on the windows/system32/.

I am very sure that message is from the windows 8 and not the easus program.

Now when I turn on the pc, it takes me to the recovery window and gives me three options.

1. Press ENTER. To try again
2.***I need to see the option again after I reach the pc
3. Press ESC to enter UEFI settings.

Only the 3rd was responsive, the other two options did not do any thing except just would flash for a second and show the same screen with the above options.

But when I select the third option it takes me to a new window and there are options for setting boot order, recovery option, and other tools to view the hardware info.

When I select the recovery option, it would show a blue blank screen and after about 30seconds the computer would shut down.

And there is also another option named RUN UEFI APPLICATION, And after selection that in shows a small blue window and it is labelled as FILE BROWSER, and it only displays a single hdd, and it had a name as (HDD: ST3000DM001-9YN166).

I did google it, and found out that its the 3TB Hdd

After going in it, it had three folders, diagnostic, boot, HP. all the folders had a single file, but when I selected any of those files, the blank blue screen would appear and after 30 seconds the computer will shut-down.

So what I trying to do is to use the recovery that originally came with HP to set it back to its factory windows and settings.

Thanks in advance

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You should find how the recovery is done in the HP manual, or maybe also online from the HP site. You may have to change a setting in the BIOS for it to work.

Once you have done the recovery, check for any possible options to create recovery DVD. Most manufacturers include such an option so you can recover should the internal recovery partition/disk fail.
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I did go through the HP site for the recovery guidance.

And this is the link for the model of the desktop, HP Desktop Recovery.

But when I press the F11 as they instructed, all I get is a blue screen, the exact blue screen as on the image from the link, except there is no text on the screen, just blank blue and after a few seconds, the computer would shutdown.
Check for anything you might have to set in the BIOS for the recovery to work.
I did check the BIOS, and the BIOS looks too simple, because there are not many options as in a normal computer's BIOS.

On the next comment, I will try to include the images that I see on the screen so that you can see and may find what I am doing wrong.

Also in the HP site it does not mention anything about changing the settings before going into the recovery, as you can see in the site in the link that I have attached on my previous comment, it only says to Press the F11 key when the computer boots, and the next thing I see is that page, but all I see is the blue page without any text, and after about 30 seconds the computer shuts down.

I am really worried that I have no idea what can be the reason for that, and also isn't the recovery page coming from the BIOS it self? Which is a pre built application to restore from the recovery data that came with the manufacturer?

Also, since this computer has an original windows genuine key, is it possible for me to download a windows 8 from the Microsoft and install it using the key that came with the computer and work properly, is that a possible solution?

Thanks in advance
You might also try using the chat option on the HP site. they might then be able to help.

Another thing you could try is to remove the partitions on your disk (make sure you don't remove the recovery partition though), and then try again.
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The problem was not solved, except I returned the computer to the retailer and got a new replacement of the same model.