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How to suppress fields in Cyrstal Reports

I have a two column report that has text boxes with data fields.  Before I added the text boxes to describe the data, I set the Suppress if Blank on the section.  This allowed me to suppress the displaying of data when it was blank.  Now that I've added the text boxes, the suppression no longer works.  In addition, I have some fields that I need to suppress along with the text box if the field is blank.

Can someone tell me how to suppress the text box if the data next to is blank?

Here is how the data is laid out (text in capital letters are text boxes, text in lower case letters are data fields):

MAKE: honda                                         MAKE:
MODEL: odyssey                                    MODEL:
YEAR: 2004                                            YEAR:
OWNER:                                                 OWNER:

In the above example, the text boxes in column 2 should be suppressed because there is not data.  The OWNER text box should be suppressed in column 1 because there is no data.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Mike McCracken

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Thank you.