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Virus Attack Win XP Pro

One of our user is having Win XP pro and mcafee is installed and updated with latest sec updates. Suddenly while I was browsing internet system restarted by itself. I then restarted in safe mode scanned with mcafee but couldnt detect anything, again scanned with superantispyware also. Superantispyware detected few and deleted. I then rebooted the system in normal mode and again it restarted by itself. But system is running in safe mode with networking.

How can i resolve this issue as system is critically important.

please help me
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download combofix from the link below, I use this tool all the time to clean machines up at work. the major anti-virus vendors are good but sometimes they don't catch everything. once this runs and completes check the log, scroll all the way to the bottom, it should show you if something that mcafee could not see got caught.

this is a trust worthy tool, you have to turn off and disble mcafee before downloading it and running it or else it will flag it. also make sure you don't have any scheduled tasks in XP that runs a batch file to restart your machine, i have seen that as well.

also check out the windows event logs to see what is cuasing your issue if its not malware related, you could be experiencing an issue with hardware or OS corruption of an improper shutdown was performed. start with these and lets see what we find.

I've had much success running Malwarebytes ( after doing what GridLock suggested above....
agreed, malwarebytes is great for these types of situations, good one jsdray.
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i have started running combofix and now the status is

this will not take more than 10 min, however scan will take more time if system is having more infection- it is the same window for about last 25 min, is it normal ,
yes, that's fine. it will complete. it can take some time depending on the available resources of the machine.
thanks, iam bit worried as well as this machine has gopt many critical files and emails, i was actually checking the files thru windows explorer while scanning was going on. I could see the file although.  Hope we can resolve this issue.

just wanted to know why mcafee couldnt detect the infection.

i just left now from office and dont know the current status. i will come to know tomorrow morning
it should be fine, it will only look for well known infected items, it will not delete any critical files off your system.

not to put the big guys down, but by now most of the major vendors are able to be exploited by the people out on the net. also they have to collect new threats that come out on a daily basis, find a way to mitigate and remove it, then test and deploy the updates to clients (end-users at home and corporate environments). by then the threat has done its damage on the system. if your machine is truly infected, get the name of the threat and send it to mcafee so they can crate a definition that combat it.

some AV vendors stay abreast of new threats better than others.
the system was in the same window and was stuck. i then manually rebooted the system. now manually booted and running the malware.
so combo fix froze on you? ok, let me know if malwarebytes found anything, thx.
malware has detected 2 , but still same issue
Can you post the malwarebytes log and the combofix log?
this might not be a malware issue, i think this could either be a hardware issue with that PC. have you taken a look at the windows event logs to see what could be crashing?
How many times has this happened recently?
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