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Lotusscript how to show user dialogbox or prompt with choices inside the form.

I have a action button in a view. And when i select a document and hit that action i get the column values with viewnavigator but during that phase i need to pop up to the user a dialog box that includes choices i have written inside the form

for instance;
in the form i have 3 fields


i want to make user choose the value of either F1 or F2 or F3 from the view window's action button.

i know that i can do

picklist =  workspace.PickListStrings(PICKLIST_CUSTOM,...

and embed the whole view for choosing but i dont even have a view, i want to make the choices 3 fields on the form, how can i do this in lotusscript can you help me with the code?
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If you need a very sophisticated way to get the user's input on multiple questions, and you don't want those questions popping up separately,  the best way is to use a dialog box based on a form with multiple fields.
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Thank you...