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HP LaserJet MFP1536dnf "No Fax Detected

I have a HP LaserJet 1536dnf that I purchased in June of this year.  The fax on the unit worked flawlessly for three months, and then I began to have trouble receiving faxes.  I have had the analog, dedicated telephone line checked twice, have updated the firmware, slowed the fax speed, plugged the printer directly into the wall with no surge supressors, disabled error correction, and even had HP provide me with a replacement printer.  I can receive faxes from all of my customers with no problem, except one where I get a "No Fax Detected" error.  (Their phone line also checks out fine.)  When I switch to a backup fax machine (HP 1040) I can receive all faxes with no problems.

Does anyone have any ideas to help resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.
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