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Change a field base on the drop down in a form

Hello, Experts.
I have a form that has a drop down based on what you select in the drop down. A message comes up to change a field already inputted to a different model number. My users are not changeing the field.  They are ignoring the message and conitinuing on filling out the form.

How can I have the Model change to what I want  automatically?

Instead of changing it automatically, should I make it a field that you can not continue unless you change it? And if so how would I do that? I thought of a update query but then they couldnt continue on with the record.  There are still more fields to fill out. Then it needs to be saved.
If  there a better way to approach it that I dont know of? please let me know. Just to let you know I am still a amature when it comes to ACCESS.

This is the code:

If Me.Text44 = "FS3 Electrical" Then
MsgBox "Please Change Model to A3 BFIST /w FS3"
If Me.Text44 = "BFCS" Then
MsgBox "Please Enter BFCS Information."
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmFuelCellInfo"
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Thank you.