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Need help with string syntax in dynamic SQL statement

Urgent Need - So much so that I rejoined Expert-Exchange! Was a memebre for 6 years.

Can anyone PLEASE see what is wrong with this string. I am doing a report in SSRS. This is in a dataset that is feeding a matrix report with LOTS of inScope() functions.

   WHERE Month(" & Parameters!TimeSlicer.Value & ") IN (" & Join(Parameters!Month.Value,",") & ")" & "
                  AND Year(" & Parameters!TimeSlicer.Value & ") IN (" & Parameters!Year.Value & "," & Parameters!Year.Value -1 & ")

I've pasted it into management studio, and printed it but do not see the missing single apostrophes
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Thanks John, I know that is the case when the dynamic query is within a procedure being run in SQL Management Studio but for some reason I am thinking it is different in Visual Studio BIDS. I'll try the single quote chr(') in the passing first in BIDS and then try passing to a procedure. Thanks
Hi again

I've checked back and the SQL query should use the parameters like a normal SQL variable, ie

WHERE Month(@TimeSlicer) IN (@Month)

Though be careful with the parameters you've called Month and Year as they are reserved SQL words. I think they will work but I'd always avoid that sort of thing and use something like repMonth, etc.

I should have remembered all this earlier but I haven't used SSRS for a few months!

I hope that helps you fix the problem

I meant to mark the other solution as accepted