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Firefox not responding - have reset, disabled all addins and extensions, and upgraded

I've done everything Mozilla suggests, including a complete reset, disabling all add-ons and plugins and extensions, and then a complete upgrade.(by the way, I hate 16.0.2 already)

Nothing is helping. Since this morning, Firefox stops responding frequently, about every ten minutes to half hour. As it's my primary browser, with all my bookmarks, it's somewhat frustrating.

I use different browsers for different purposes, so I don't want to start using Chrome or another browser if I can help it. Any suggestions?  Right now I'm going to reboot my laptop.

But this began right after I booted up this morning, so I doubt that will help.

I'm on windows 7 Home Premium, with a 64 bit machine.


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Does that happen with another User as well? Need to discover if this issue is "machine" or "user" related.
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I'm the only user on this machine. Since I rebooted, I haven't seen the problem. This is the longest it's gone today without failing, so maybe it is resolved. Thanks for your help.
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Thanks, will do.
mel200--Good luck!
Thanks! So far so good.