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Broken sumifs formula

My current sumifs formula is linked to the drop down box and  is pulling wrong data. Examples are highlighted - for a needed week I get an incorrect mapping. B9 sheet A has week 41, but C28&C29 sheet A is pulling from the right tab but from a wrong week.
 Please refer to the attached file and let me know how it needs to be modified/fixed. Thanks!!
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You neglected to make the B range in the formula Absolute so that when you copy down the range doesn't change.


In F20:


and in G20:

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Great Help! Thank you!
I don't think the criteria 2 range was wrong... it was just not made absolute!!
Your are right! The formula works perfectly! Thanks again!
You might want to talk to a mod then about adjusting the Accepted Solution to the correct one.... for future solution seekers.