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Is it possible to change where Office 2010 CTRX files are stored/accessed?

By default, Office 2010 looks for stored CTRX (Office Chart Template files) in a folder titled "CHARTS" at the location Office is configured to store USER TEMPLATES.  Is it possible to reconfigure Office to use the WORKGROUP TEMPLATES location to store/retrieve CTRX files?  I have been unable to find much information at all on the web regarding CTRX files, much less my inquiry.
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Thank You for your comments...  Your comments desribe exactly what I am experiencing.  I am trying to determine if it is possible to publish CTRX files via a shared (aka "WORKGROUP TEMPLATES") network location, to prevent the need to re-distribute the CTRX files in the event they need to be updated.
I understand. Just wanted to share my experience -- I recently wrote a book on building PPT templates, and I was trying to confirm it with MSFT folks for that but was unable to. I haven't completely given up on it, but I can at least tell you that 1) the info isn't readily available and 2) you aren't alone in your findings. ;-) As far as I can tell, putting CRTX in workgroups folders won't work.