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Exchange Synchronization Log

We have a few users who all of a sudden have been getting a lot of errors in the Synchronization Log: of their email.  We are using Outlook and Exchange 2010.

A user this morning told me that they had over 1,000 messages in their unread mail.  We have told users to not worry about it since we were looking into it and it was service affecting.  Right now I am not able to find any resolution to this issue though.  

Here is an example of what they are receiving.

10:11:48 Synchronization of some deletions failed.
10:11:48                  [80040115-514-80040115-130]
10:11:48                  Network problems are preventing connection to Microsoft Exchange.
10:11:48                  Microsoft Exchange Information Store
10:11:48                  For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
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Is there any network issues ? Ideally a Big reason
Any alerts on the Exchange server ? Hope all services running ?
Is there any issue when working with OWA\Webmail ?

- Rancy
This is a pretty common issue.
It usually occurs when a user deletes and item and then removes it from the Deleted Items folder immediately. The deletion hasn't been synchronised back to the server and therefore Exchange gets confused and loses track of the item.

Of those few users....

Do any of them require to have cached exchange mode on for any reason?
If they dont need it

You could turn off cached exchange mode
Delete their sync issues items in their Outlook Profile

Then they should never see the sync issues again

If they need to have CEM on for any reason
Turn off CEM
Close outlook
Delete their OST
Open OUtlook
Re-enable CEM
Restart  Outlook

This should clear up many of the sync issues that may have been previously reported in outlook
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