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Boot Problems - Laptop with Windows 7 and Ubantu Dual Boot

I have a Windows 7 Acer Laptop that someone added Ubantu to making it dual boot.

Apparently something has happened to the Grub loader.  When you turn on the laptop it gives the message:  " no module name found    Aborted.  Press any key to exit"

Since we don't need Ubantu I've tried to restore the Windows 7 boot using a Windows 7 disk> repair computer > Command Prompt and a variety of bootrec commands all with no change.

Any suggestions as to how to get this laptop booting again.  Ultimately, I want to remove Ubantu but I'm happy to restore it initially to get the computer booting again if I have to.

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You mean the following commands did not alter the boot records?

bootrec.exe /FixBoot
bootrec.exe /FixMbr