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Ubuntu Connection issue

New User trying drupal in an linux environment.  My expertise is in windows so this is a trial but before I even get that far, Here is the problem.

Ubuntu 12.10 as an ISO in an VM enivornment

ifconfig pull this info;
Mask: 255.192
G/W :  (router)  
Firewall: (F/W) (REFERENCE ONLY)

ping DNS - successful
ping f/w xxx.xx.39.62 - successful
ping router - successful

ping - unknown host

I can not install GUI or any other 'apt-get' since I have no internet connection.

All Ideas welcome please
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Might you be behind a proxy server?
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Do you have any more DNS servers you could try?  Maybe the public one given to you by your ISP?

Try typing this at the terminal (replace with your ISP's DNS server if it doesn't resolve).

Open in new window

Post the contents of your /etc/resolv.conf
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/etc/resolv.conf fileUser generated image
Again, new to the linux world so i hate to say it , but i kinda need 'newbie' talk.  

only DNS is 39.45 which is pingable.

Proxy server meaning ?
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I had no DNS. that was it. Once i put 39.45 as a nameserver. I can ping and apt-get
If you're setting a static ip then you should set it in the interface setting.  Once you get the system loaded either go to it through System Settings>Network or enter nm-connection-editor at the terminal.  Edit your interface settings there.  Good luck!