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SQL Update Statment Cannot divid by Zero

I have a update statment and I am evening filtering the zero out, but I still get this error message
"Msg 8134, level 16 state 1, line 1
"Divide by zero error encoutered"

Update dbo.TempVaultSummary
SET NumberBundels =  FRBOrders/PerBundels
FROM dbo.TempVaultSummary
WHERE FRBOrders <> 0

The field FBRORDERs and have zeros but when I use the where clause and filter them out. I still get the error message.
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Habib Pourfard
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SELECT  NumberBundels = ( CASE WHEN PerBundels = 0 THEN 0
                               ELSE FRBOrders / PerBundels
                          END )
FROM    dbo.TempVaultSummary
WHERE   FRBOrders <> 0

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If you want NumberBundels to remained unchanged when the denominator is 0, then:

Update dbo.TempVaultSummary
SET NumberBundels =  
(CASE WHEN PerBundels = 0 THEN NumberBundels
ELSE FRBOrders/PerBundels END)
FROM dbo.TempVaultSummary
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Thanks aneeshattingal:
 this worked great, man I was close