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Unable to see shared folder on computer or computer itself

This is a recurring problem. Two computers need to share a folder so that one of them can use the Peachtree accounting system.  Starting last week the computer with the share on it suddenly became invisible on the network.  The folder is was shared, but I could not PING the Ip address or see the computer in the other computer's network browser. Last week the problem seemed to be solved by turning the Norton 360 firewall off on the computer with the share.  

The computer dropped off again today.  The firewall is still off.

The share is on a computer using Windows Pro 7. The other is Windows Home Premium.
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First open network and sharing center

change advanced sharing settings

turn on network discovery

turn on file and print sharing

both must be checked

for the pinging issue your firewall needs see this

Hope this helps
Looks like firewall is blocking.
Are you able to ping the "Windows Pro 7" computer from "Windows Home"? Try by IP address.
Check if Windows Firewall is enable.
I do recomend you to Activate Norton 360 Firewall and create a rule to allow shared folder on local network.
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All of the sharing options listed by trgrass were enabled. The computer part of a home network.  I disabled that and joined the work network.  No change.

I've noticed that I can at least contact other computers on the network by clicking on them in the browser.  I'm either prompted  for a password or the shared folders appear.  The one computer I'm having difficulties with shows up in the browser but when I click on it I'm told that the name is either wrong or I have a network problem.
Are the shares setup for "everyone"  if everyone is not selected you will be prompted for a vaild account on that machine.

A test enable administrator on the problem computer give it a password.

Then try to connect to that share using the administartor account

Is this a workgroup or domain?
There is no Everyone account but the two machines have identical users and passwords. As I said before up until recently one computer shared the Peachtree accounting folder with the other machine.  I checked the permissions and they were still all Full Control for users of that folder - a requirement of the Peachtree software.

I can see the two computers in other computer's browsers around the building and I can even see the test share's I set up on Computer 2 when I click on that computer when it appears in the network browser.  Computer 1, the one with the Peachtree share, is unresponsive when I click on it in the browser window.

I cannot connect to the share as an admin.

The computer is part of a workgroup.

A new bit of info:  These problems started to happen after I replaced our firewall.  Our Netgear FVX538 died.  I replaced it with a Netgear FVS318v3.  I reserved the addresses of the two computer's sharing peachtree. When I check attached devices I see both addresses but the computer name of only Computer 2.
More information.  I just mapped a drive from Computer 1 to Computer 2. To the public folder in which I created a test folder and placed a test document in the test folder.  So Computer 1 has no problem, permissions or otherwise, seeing and accessing Computer 2. I can even ping Computer 2 from Computer 1 but Computer 1 remains inaccessible on the network.
Okay. I looked at the Norton 360 Firewall and the Smart Firewall was on.  I turned it off for 15 minutes and suddenly I have access to the folder on Computer 1 again. Any recommendations as to how to punch a hole in this firewall to allow access to shared folders on this computer?
Ok for Norton 360 see this

See this for what ports you need

Do the same for Ping

Here is a list of ports

Open in both firewalls are try one first see what happens if still having issue then add to the other firewall

Hope this helps
It appears that Norton 360's firewall started blocking the share between the two computers when I had to install a new firewall/DHCP router on our network.  It detected a "new" network.  Turning the firewall off is the only way of restoring access to the shared folders. That or replacing Norton 360 with a better product.
I use Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free and you do not even know it is there.

I do a full scan once a week and it works just fine.

Norton and Mcafee and others used in the past but they usually take over your machine.

Kaspersky is about the best I seen recently.
I'm going to install a different  AV on the two systems.  Norton 360 will be up for renewal soon.
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Attention please:  I wrote awhile back that the problem was "resolved" when one of the end users downloaded an upgrade to the AV.  I don't know if any points should be awarded to anyone. Please advise. Thanks!