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User to select background color...

I have a lable I want user to change its background color. The color RGB value needs to be stored in a variable for additional use.

Thank you.
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Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )
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What do you mean by "additional use"?

If you mean it's session-level, then just add a Public Variable, in the Declarations section of a standard Module:

Dim cMyBackColor As Double

Then set that when the user defines the color:

cMyBackColor = 123456

Now use that as needed:

Me.SomeLabel.BackColor = cMyBackColor
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variable like:

cMyBackColor = 123456

is fine. I will store this variable to maintain user preference for future sessions.

Basically, I need to know how I can include API components to help me to pick the color. I want user to make her/his own color not just a few default colors.

The "Color" gets confusing if you need this to work in mdb and .accdb formats...
...because the way colors are referenced is different.

I think there is one way that will work in both though....
Well, color picker produces RRGGBB a two digits combination for RR, GG, and BB. We agree this is simple.

Then we store these in a table (something like 104537). and we apply if when we need it.

I don't why you think this is complicated.

MY question basically how can I include a color picker with my application.

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Jeffrey Coachman
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