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Office 2007 Proofing Tools

Simple one, Im trying to locate a download or pay version of Microsoft office 2007 Proofing tools, so I can spell check in Norweigen.

I can find service packs everywhere online, but not the actual program, where does one get it?
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This is in Word 2010, but Word 2007 is similar:User generated imageYou should easily find the Options when you click on the Windows ball in the upper left of the Word 2007 pane.
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In Word 2007 there is no language section
But if you go to program files and open Microsoft office tools and open the language settings..I believe this is the same

But even if I set that as Norweigen, word defaults to norweigen spelling, but if I misspell a word, it doesnt pick it up, If I manually select spell checker it tells me that Norweigen is not available.
Have you tried this: Word: Where the language settings are stored:
Office button > Word Options > Popular > Language Settings: Set the Enabled editing languages AND your Primary editing language.
Yeah, it doesnt work, I see next to Norweigen it says "limited Support" so I'm guessing no spell checker, but where do you get it? I see it mentioned on countlless MS sites, but never and actual link to get it!!
I purchased a separate Office Language Pack 2010 (French) with my version of MS Office Home and Student 2010 for about $30.00...
I found this link (finally) on the abomination that is the MS site
Click the link for 2007 Norweigan, and the download button is greyed out!! so why put it on the god damn list Microsoft if its not available!?
Try HERE, at the bottom of the page click on LanguageInterfacePack.exe...
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My answer was the correct one (after research)