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SQL Server 2008 setup Raid and hard drives best configuration

I have a Dell PE2900. This server is going to be a new Sql 2008 server on a windows 2008R2 server (currently at 2005 sql on a windows 2003 server). I have 8  hard drive slots open on the server and am trying to install the best config i can considering the drives/controller i'm using.
What i have:
3 - 1TB 7.2K SAS drives
3 - 1TB 7.2k SATA drives
8 - 146GB 15K SAS drives

Considering i can only use 8 total and i'm trying to split up my logs and data onto different spindles what would be the best config considering I/O times. I'm not a sql expert in terms of finding out what my read and writes are so just needing a starting point. I don't imagine you would suggest using the 3 1TB SATA drives since they will run slower than the 15k SAS drives but i'm trying to consider space as well. Right now our database and log files are about 350GB in size. Not too large but want some space for growth. Any suggestions on best hard drive setup considering?

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There is no 1 size fits all solution with SQL Server.  You should fire up PerfMon and collect:

Per disk drive letter (not total):
Disk Sec/Read
Disk Sec/Write

SQL-Transactions Per Second.

This way you could see what kind of IOPS you need.  If you're very write heavy, you want to invest more on the transaction log drive.  If you're read heavy, and the server can't fit the DBs in RAM, then you want to invest more in the data drives.
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Thanks for the help. I have the drives i need and am going to build the server. I ran this by our 'dba' who helps with our Sql application software and she said it sounded fine.