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Lion Set Language Priority

Hi everyone,

Recently i've been installing Lion on MacBook Pro, and before i always noticed that
there was always an option of selecting the language at the beginning of the installation,
But this time i don't see it anywhere, not from beginning to end, whats up with that?
Is there any way to change it having finished the installation?
Thanks in advance
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Sigurdur Armannsson
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In System Preferences (under the black apple in the menu) go to Language & Text.

You can Edit List at the bottom if your language is not shown and add it.

It will then appear at top and you can arrange the languages at will by dragging.

In the Input Sources you can also add more keyboards if you need to. Most likely yours will already be on the list.
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Hi sigurarm, i don't know if we are in the same tought, but just in case...
What i am after is regarding the whole system to be in the language i want,
which is something that you get to see when you are installing Lion from scrash.
Then since i done it three times already just to see if i can get a hold of that option,
and since i didn't see it i was wondering if i can do it from the system itself.
NOTE: I don't want to change just the keyboard language, i want to the whole thing.
Yes, you are right. I was thinking of the keyboard layouts. Actually, this was the place to change the whole system, menus and everything. But it has changed as you mentioned.

If I am back on the track, this KB from Apple has the answer I believe:

Which in says:

There are two ways to change the language of the login window:

Reinstall OS X and select the desired language during installation
Or, use the steps below depending on your version of OS X.
OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, 10.6, 10.5, or 10.4

Login as a user who has an administrator account.
Open Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities/).
Type or paste this command in Terminal:
sudo languagesetup
Press Return.
When prompted for a password, enter your account password and press Return again.  If your user has no password (a blank password) and you are using Mac OS X v10.5 or later, see sudo command requires a non-blank admin password.
A list of available languages will be displayed. Type the number that appears next to the language you want to use, then press Return.
Quit Terminal.
Since there is no password set, is not letting me continue, is giving me an error.
Error: Sorry, try again.
But you can set a password in the System Preferences>Users & Groups.

If that does not work you might as well reinstall the system. It should only take about an hour.

If you go that path, take a break after the download of Lion and make yourself a copy of the Lion Installer and then continue.

Secondly, if you restart and hold down the Alt key you should be able to select the little Lion reinstaller disk. Might be handy.
"If that does not work you might as well reinstall the system.
It should only take about an hour."

Thats the problem, something simple that i always do, but this time it is not
giving me the main window where you easily select the language you decide!
i could installed a 100 times and it will not show the language selector at all !!!
Then at "System Preferences>Users & Groups." i don't see the option on creating a password.
Only change password, then it ask for old password and so on, etc.
Ok... let me think...

I wonder how you got through the install and all without a password. Is it just "Enter" (blank). And if so, can't you change old: blank new: new passw.?  

Making a new user surely would give you a chance to create a new password.

Here is a recipe for changing a password without having one or forgotten one. Something I picked up:

You can try this:

But, it will create a new account and your old files will still not be accessible.

Creating a new Admin on Mac Os X:
Here's how to reset your OS X password without an OS X CD.
the Working solution for me was to create a new admin
you can create new admin like this by deleting a specific file.

You need to enter terminal and create a new admin account:

1. Reboot
2. Hold apple key + s key down after you hear the chime.
(command + s keys on newer Macs)
3. When you get text prompt enter in these terminal commands to create a brand new admin account (hitting return after each line):

mount -uw /
rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
shutdown -h now

4. After rebooting you should have a brand new admin account. When you login as the new admin you can simply delete the old one and your good to go again!

Apple stores wont reset it for you. Computer shops may charge you $50 to $200 trying to reinstall the Mac and failing at the end.

Is installing a Mountain Lion an option?
"I wonder how you got through the install and all without a password."
Answer: I don't add any password at all, i lieve it blank like you said.

"can't you change old: blank new: new passw.?"
Yes, i just did, let me try now to see if it works.
To proceed, enter your password, or type Ctrl+C to abort.
The problem now is that i enterer the new password and nothing happend,
I meant, i type anything and nothing is typed in Terminal, is weird.
Nothing is shown after Password: in Terminal when you type in the password.

Just type it and hit return. Either it will go on to the next step or tell you that you need to retype your password.
Sorry my curiosity: But what language are you trying to get?
I am in Iceland and there is no option to localize but the keyboard. Not the menu.
Sorry i was a little busy doing the task, so this is what i got so far...
I did everything you told me to do, i created a new account, then set the password,
Then run Terminal and entered the languagesetup command, then entered the password,
Then it asked me what language number, i selected 5.) which is spanish, then exit Terminal,
I restared the system, then at the main password window i can see the three buttons that
are not in english, but spanish, but after entering the password the system still not spanish.
Is Spanish still the top language in System Preferences>Text & Languages?

Here is another KB from Apple about this and some links too at the bottom. I have to go to sleep now but I'll check in here tomorrow to see how you are doing.
And by the way, when you change the language in System Preferences>Text & Languages you have to log out and back in to see the results.

I am going to change a mac here to Spanish. :D
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Sigurdur Armannsson
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Hey Thank You! sigurarm i got it, this time did work :-)
Phew! Glad it did. :D