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.NET web form integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 2011


We have a .NET contact form on our website. When a visitor submits the contact form, we would like to capture that interaction (contact info) with our CRM package, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, hosted on our internal intranet. I am just beginning the research on how to do this and would be very grateful for any experienced experts pointing me in the right direction.

Website is .NET Framework 4. IIS7, if that helps.

Thank you!
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Hi John0214,

Feridun has given a very right answer however there are multiple approaches you can take here.

If you don't need to access CRM over Internet... then I would request to avoid going for ADFS. If it is just one (I would say up to 10-15 forms can also be handled this way) form then go for a custom WCF service and expose that WCF service to Internet and let that service "talk" to CRM and create necessary records in CRM.

Your Website -> Custom WCF service -> CRM Service -> CRM.

I can assure you, you will save a lot of time on configuring ADFS. On the other hand if you can see in a near future you would like your CRM users to access CRM from Internet OR you are going to have many such forms then I suggest you go after ADFS implementation.

Also I was wondering what is the deadline for you to complete this particular task?
I have some other ideas as well just would like to know what's approx. delivery date we are looking at.


Chinmay, I like the custom WCF idea.
Thanks Feridun. I have seen people burning their hands a lot with ADFS(mostly it requires to have grip on IIS, DNS and little bit of everything else involved - AD, ADFS, SSL, Certificates, Routing) and I believe in keeping it simple(I am a lazy person :))

.. I have another.. "Bomb" Idea as well.. just.. it will take some time before it hits the market.. most probably we are gonna keep it .. free and open source... but you never know :D that's why I am asking for the timeline here.
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I appreciate both of your responses. Chinmay, I do not have a deadline at this time. We have a new marketing director who inquired about the possibility of this, so I wanted to start the research before being pressed for time.
That's just awesome I will get more information about the status of the solution we have made and will update you.