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MS Word 2010 Quick Access Toolbar


We have a custom ribbon added into Word. On it is a button that prints the first page of a document to letterhead and the rest of the document to bond paper. Users are able to add this button to the Quick Access Toolbar, but when they close Word the button gets removed. I have tried:

Making sure that the settings were set for All Documents, not just the current one.
Making sure that the QAT is roaming in the profiles.

If there is something obvious I am missing, then I apologize

Thank you for any help you may provide!
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Couple of things you might check.

Try checking the add-ins.  It could be that the code that the buttons call is an add-in.  If that add-in is disabled, then maybe the buttons are being removed at startup for that reason.

If the document is not a trusted document, then certain modificationst that you make will not be permanent.
The code that controls that button may actually add that button when word starts and remove that button when word closes, which would cause this problem.
Assuming the macro is in the active document, ensure that you save the files as MACRO ENABLED files.   Office will strip macros from files saved as regular Word documents.
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I found it so it wasn't found by anyone else.