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Failover Cluster getting access denied

When I try to create a failover cluster I get error code 0x80070005 access denied.
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Where are you getting the error? Accessing the shared storage? Creating the node cluster?
What type of cluster are you creating?
Are you using enterprise versions of the OS?
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Could not load network topology access denied.

I am running 2008 R2 Enterprise.
At access point for managing cluster
Do you have two nics active, one LAN and one for the heartbeat?
Are you following a specific guide?

What type of cluster are you setting up?
Did you define a cluster IP? Using . Should connect to the cluster on the active node.
Which guide did you follow to setup the cluster?
A cluster needs a management IP for the cluster, then you have an IP for each application that is part of the cluster.
The cluster resources has to run as a domain user, the application cluster also has to use a domain account to start services.
I have two nics installed on each server node and looked throught the links to the documents that you sent.  I am still gettting access denied when trying to load the network topology.  Do I have to configure the nics in a different way?
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So It appears that it was a problem with the SID from the clone so I generated a new SID on one of the server and I am now able to create the cluster.  Thanks for the article.

Now I am getting storage errors saying that:

No disks suitable for the cluster have been found.

I have added new disks to each VM and formated them NTFS.  Not sure what else I need to do.
A cluster has to have removable/remote disks that are part of the cluster resource.
Presumably you are setting up an application cluster group.
The VM has to be iscsi or something that is shareable and can only be accessed by one system at a time.
I have 2 front end web servers with a back end database server, I am just trying to setup failover for the 2 front end servers.  I have not set this up before, so do I need to have shared storage for this to work?  These machines are the exact same and I just want 1 to take over if the other goes down.  I appreciate your help with this.
Are you setting up an NLB cluster?

IMHO, you might be better off not clustering the web servers, but a load balancer or setting up a Reverse proxy that will load balance the requests between the front end servers (you would have to make sure that your web servers can handle the requests initiated on the other) or deal with configuration to maintain session. (Do you have linux/unix options for the reverse proxy if a HW loadbalancer not an option?)

Usually The database server would be clustered and there will be multiple web head units that will load balance the requests since the web servers are useles without the database server.
Thanks again for your help with this.  I think you are right by setting up the cluster on the backend, we are going to revisit our options for this.